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After months (nearly a year) of dealing with my local (Western Wisconsin) medical facilities it was determined I had (2) badly worn discs. The only offer I could get from a local surgeon was 2 level fusion. At 45 years old and in good health, I didn't believe fusion was the best option for my situation. I managed to track down Dr. Hanson at Minnesota Spine Institute via the recommendation of my chiropractor. I met with Dr. Hanson and he agreed that fusion wasn't the best option for me. 2 weeks later Dr. Hanson installed (2) Mobi-C artificial discs. The follow up and personal contact I received from MSI was second to none. They checked on me regularly and made sure I was doing well. Fortunately the surgery went so well all I ever had to report was "Doing great, just need a little more time to heal". I am now 1 month post op and feeling better today than I have in a LONG time. If you are frustrated with your medical care and want a solution, go see Dr. Hanson. He is most interested in fixing your issues not billing your insurance company for care you don't need and delays that don't fix your issue!
John W
I am 61 years old, and for 5 years, dealt with low back pain and impingement of nerves down my right leg, and through prior consults, non invasive procedures could not fix the problem. I reviewed board certified orthopedic spine surgeons and chose Dr. Dan Hanson. He was compassionate, listened to my goals, and analyzed my back problem . He has impeccable skills in spacial relations (3D overview of my spine issues), and was the only Physician that came up with a way to fuse L3-L4 and decompress the nerve impingment to my right leg with incisions only in the back. The other two consults said I would not only need back surgery, but they would also have to open my abdomen to repair the problems. It has been six months post-op now, and I have no pain!!! I am out gardening and biking everyday. I just have to remember to do some core strength exercises Dr. Hanson gave to me, so I do not put as much strain on my back doing the things I love. Thank you, Dr. Hanson, and to all of your team!
Jacqueline H
If you're ever having neck or spine pain, Dr. Dan Hanson is who you want to call. Everyone is extremely friendly and always has the patients best interest in mind.
Justis M
I am approaching the 1 year mark post-op, and am 99% pain-free. My experience with Dr. Hansen and his team is nothing short of fantastic, and while the surgery solved the worst of my back pain, the guidance and personal care I received prior to making the decision to have a lumbar fusion are truly the reason the decision was easy to make. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Hansen and would recommend him to anyone dealing with chronic back pain. My recovery was swift (a short 2 months between surgery and my first day back at work full time) and I couldn't be happier with the results. I have my life back.
Toni Sacrison
Everything is going so good! I haven’t felt this good in 2.5 years!! Thank you so very very much for all you have done to help me!! I can’t thank you enough from the bottom of my heart! You guys were so awesome!! Thank you!!
Jason V.
I had suffered for over 10 years with ruptured discs and had seen several doctors that wanted me to jump through hoops, unnecessary testing and too much time off work for recovery. I decided to look for laser specialists and searched across the country. Fortunately, I found Dr. Hanson right here in Minnesota. Dr. Hanson made me feel like he really cared to help me and went the extra mile. Dr. Hanson recommended a single level cervical disk replacement while another surgeon wanted to do a multilevel fusion. After surgery, I feel so much better. I wish I had found him sooner. He has followed up with me at different times to be sure I’m doing well. He is a very caring and gifted man! I would recommend him to anyone with spine issues!
Bob R.