Surgery Scheduling

Scheduling Your Surgery

The MSI staff coordinates surgery scheduling for both Minnesota Spine Institute patient’s and Orthopedic Associates of Duluth patient’s during normal office hours from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. They can be reached directly at 612-402-7383.

Emergency surgeries are scheduled by Dr. Hanson.

Scheduling Flexibility

Because Dr. Hanson’s surgical time tends to fill quickly both in the Twin Cities Metro Area and Northern Minnesota, it may not be possible to schedule your surgery as quickly as you would like. If you can be flexible with time and/or location, we may be able to arrange your surgery in a more favorable time frame. If you wish to be placed on our waiting list for cancellations, please notify our staff during the scheduling process. Please understand that cancellations are random and cannot be predicted, therefore you are often only given a 24 to 48-hour notice.

Dr. Hanson performs surgeries almost every day of the week and at various locations throughout the Twin Cities and Northern Minnesota.  Although emergencies are rare, they do require Dr. Hanson’s immediate attention and can alter the time your surgery may be performed. Please understand that Dr. Hanson nor our staff has no control over these types of situations.

Surgery Locations

There are many variables that can determine where your surgery can be performed, such as outpatient vs. in-patient or endoscopic vs. minimally invasive or your specific insurance. These variables will be discussed with you at the time of scheduling.

Twin Cities Metro Area

Woodwinds Health Campus
M Health Fairview St. John’s Hospital
Maple Grove Center for Restorative Surgery
Greenway Surgery Center
Maplewood Surgery Center

Northern Minnesota

Essential Health-Moose Lake, Moose Lake MN
Duluth Surgical Suites, Duluth MN
Lakewalk Surgery Center, Duluth MN
St. Luke’s Hospital, Duluth MN


Please know it may take up to 10-14 business days to get approval for your spine surgery from your insurance carrier. For cases involving third-party payers, such as workman’s compensation, approval may be delayed much longer. Sometimes, patient involvement helps to decrease the approval time.

If your surgery does require approval, our staff will start that process right away and will contact you to schedule your surgery once the approval is received.