Is Endoscopic & Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Covered By Insurance?

If you suffer from back pain, chances are you want to explore treatment options. Whereas some back pain may be fixed with physical therapy or medication, some issues must be treated surgically. Surgery can be costly, so researching your options will be imperative.  

While traditional surgery may be a viable option for some patients, Dr. Hanson focuses on minimally invasive and endoscopic spine surgery. These procedures boast a faster recoveryless pain, and very small incisions. It may seem like the obvious choice, but only a handful of doctors are skilled enough to practice this form of surgery. Dr. Hanson is the only orthopedic spine surgeon in Minnesota to perform endoscopic hemilaminectomies, foraminotomies, microdiscectomies, and nerve transections. 

Both Endoscopic spine surgery and Minimally invasive spine surgery are performed with many different surgical implements, including endoscopes, computer-assisted navigation systems, and operating microscopes. This allows the procedures to be performed through a small incision. The decision to use a specific technology is based on the needs of the patient.

Spine surgery is only performed to treat an actual medical condition. Because it is not a cosmetic procedure, insurance companies should cover the cost of spine surgery if a doctor determines it is medically necessary and the patient has completed the conservative care requirements set by their specific insurance. 

The cost of minimally invasive spine surgery can vary depending on the patient’s condition, the length of the procedure, and the surgeon’s fees.

Does Medicare Cover Spine Surgery? 

Typically, Medicare should cover spine surgery that is determined medically necessary by a doctor if the patient has completed the conservative care requirements set by their specific insurance.

However, how much you end up paying out-of-pocket will depend on where you receive the surgery and how you receive your Medicare benefits. 

Some surgeries may be performed in a hospital, whereas some can be performed at a surgery center. Medicare has specific rules that must be followed, and our team has the knowledge to ensure you receive the highest level of insurance coverage. At this time, Dr. Hanson performs minimally invasive surgeries at both hospitals and surgery centers, in the Twin Cities area, whereas endoscopic surgery may only be performed at surgery centers.

There are certain portions of surgery that can and cannot be billed through Medicare. Because of these complexities, we encourage everyone to contact our office to learn about your options.

What will I have to Pay for Surgery?

Most insurances do cover both endoscopic and minimally invasive spine surgery, but there are a handful of insurances that do not. Each insurance plan is different just like each patient’s condition and treatment plan.

After your visit with Dr. Hanson, your individualized treatment plan will be developed, and insurance coverage will be determined. How much you pay out-of-pocket will depend on your insurance coverage. You will have to consider your deductibles and copays because they vary across insurance plans. Once your treatment plan has been finalized, our team will give you an estimated quote for your patient responsibility.